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Fastbind FotoCreaser C47e™

Fastbind FotoCreaser C47e™ is an electric table-top creasing machine, designed to score photo paper without damaging the printing; thanks to this original design, the crease is precise and protects the quality of your pictures.

It is the perfect tool for photographic studios, photo labs and professional photographers who seek the highest quality and protection of their photos. It also perfectly meets the needs of digital printers, copy shops and on-demand publishers. Light and compact, it fits naturally into photographic and digital print companies and covers all your short runs and on-demand
creasing needs.

  • Large format electric creaser
  • Max creasing width 18.7"/475mm
  • Light and compact table top unit
  • Creases soft covers, photos, pictures, cards, menus...


Ashgate - Fastbind FotoCreaser C47e
  U.S.A. Europe
Max creasing thickness 225 index* 400 g/m² *
Max creasing width 18.7" 475 mm
Voltage 110-120V 220-240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Current / Fuse 1 A / 6.3 A (T) 0.5 A / 6.3 A (T)
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 24.7" x 26.5" x 6.4" 628 x 672 x 162 mm
Box dimensions (W x D x H) 31" x 29.3" x 11.4" 790 x 745 x 290 mm
Net/gross weight 53 lbs 24 kg
* Depends on material characteristics

Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Ashgate - Fastbind FotoCreaser C47eEasy to operate
Thanks to its unique design, Fastbind FotoCreaser C47e is very easy to use. A simple thumb-screw along the measurement scale makes it easy to adjust the backstop to the format you’re using. A second backstop is also available as option, to allow you to pre-set two creases distances. Accurate positioning couldn’t be faster and simpler. You make the crease either by pressing the foot pedal or the hand button. The precision creasing bar handles almost any paper and card up to 225 lb index stock; regardless of the stock, you always obtain a consistent creasing result. Fastbind FotoCreaser C47e manages a large range of thicknesses thanks to its reversible blade: you quickly turn it to go from thicker to thinner materials.

Ashgate - Fastbind FotoCreaser C47eVersatile applications
The FotoCreaser C47e’s consistent pressure guarantees a sharp regular crease in photographic paper as well as card, copy paper, PVC coated cardboard, and numerous other materials. This makes the FotoCreaser C47e the ideal tool for creasing photo book pictures, but also the perfect solution for your other creasing needs: soft covers, greeting cards, restaurant menus, advertising calendars, exhibition programs, invitations, brochures, folders...

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Fastbind Fastbind FotoCreaser C47e
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