Ideal 5222

The IDEAL 5222 Digicut employs the latest technology to provide a fully configured commercial print guillotine for the B3 and digital print market. The guillotine includes a hydraulic clamp drive to enable fine control over the holding of the stack to be cut without damaging the print work. A foot pedal provides preclamping and the cutting line indicator to ensure that cutting takes place where required. It adds up to a highly versatile machine able to cope with a wide range of print work and material types.





Ashgate - Ideal 5222
Performance 1.5Kw
Cutting length 520 mm
Cutting height 80 mm
Table depth 520 mm
Narrow cut 20 mm
Dimensions on stand (L x W x H) 1097 x 950 x 1310mm
Width with side tables 1650
Power Supply (Single Phase) 230v / 50Hz (other voltages available)
Weight 328 Kg (without side tables)
  • Programmable "EP" backgauge contral module for 99 programs with 99 steps in each program (up to 9 repeat cuts can be integrated as one single program step)
  • Memory key for repeat cuts
  • Electronic hand wheel for manual backgauge positioning with infinitely variable speed control
  • "SET" function key for reference measurement
  • Optical cutting line
  • Safety guards on front and rear tables
  • Complete with stand and storage shelf under the machine
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Ideal 5222
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