Surelampro 500 roll laminator
  • High Speed roll laminator (single and double sided laminating)
  • Single side laminator and encapsulator
  • Manual feeding and cutting
  • Decurl system

Heat Shoe roll feed laminator designed for the busy printer, copy shop or commercial laminating. With variable speed control up to 10 meters per minute and variable temperature control. the SURELAMPRO series can handle all industry standard films up to 500micron with combination of heat shoes & hot roller system.



Ashgate - Surelampro 500
  • Maximum laminating speed of 7m/min
  • Increased film capacity
  • Purpose-built stand
  • Turbo cooling system
  • Feed Guide on Feed table
  • Safety shield
  • Pre-set function 8-bit microprocessor controlled
  • LCD display helps to eliminate operator error
  • Decurling device for single side lamination
  • Heat shoe & Hot roller combination
  • Top and bottom film alignment system (Patented)
  • Various Embossing Textured Effect with
  • nterchangeable rollers (Optional)
  • Linen texture, Fine texture, Leather, Sparkler

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