Stago Paper Drill

Produced with renowned German strength and precision, Stago paper drills are used in commercial printers, inplants, quick-printers and government departments, providing fast, accurate and reliable single or multi-hole drilling.

Quiet yet powerful, Stago paper drills all conform to GS and CE quality requirements. All have safety guards (not illustrated). In the Stago range there is a choice of either bench-top, floor standing treadle operated, or floor standing power-stroke drills.

The range includes 12 single spindle models, 12 twin spindle models and 10 multi-spindle models with 3, 4 or 5 spindles.
There is a Stago paper drill to suit every print application and printers budget. Ashgate also supply Stago drill bits and sharpeners.


Ashgate - Stago