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The team at Ashgate knows how essential it is to be quick to recognise and respond to the changing needs of our customers, including the demand for an increasingly flexible supply program. In conjunction with many of our finishing systems, we’ve ensured that a fully stocked supply chain is always ready so that you can maximise your return on the equipment you have invested in. In short, we make sure that you get what you need, when you want it.

In addition to providing Fastbind systems, Ashgate develops and manufactures our own range of products enabling us to offer a wider selection of products.

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Fastbind Ashgate has comprehensive supplies to cover the entire fastbind range. These include ...

  • Fastbind Supplies for Hot Melt binding
    Fastbind Hot Melt supplies include all the binding materials and standard covers for PUR/EVA Hot Melt Perfect Binders. It is recommended to use Fastbind Hot Melt AdhesiveTM in the machines to guarantee the best result. Standard format printed hard covers are made using Case ExpressTM case makers, while full customisation is achieved with CasematicTM series.
  • Fastbind Supplies for BooXTer binding
    Fastbind Supplies for the BooXTer family of binders include all the necessary materials for linear side-staple binding. The product family consists of binding materials and standard covers for hard & soft cover book production with all BooXTer series machines. 
    Custom covers can be made using either Fastbind CasematicTM or Case ExpressTM series case makers.
  • Fastbind Supplies for FotoMount binding
    The Fastbind FotoMountTM supplies product line consist of standard covers and binding supplies for covers and content. With Fastbind FotoMount products you can create premium tailor-made photobooks from photographic paper, card, laminated material, copy paper and virtually any prints. Finalise the album with stunning printed hard covers made with Fastbind CasematicTM or Case ExpressTM case makers. 

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