Fastbind Fastbind Printable Tacking Paper

  • Laser tacking sheets in two sizes
  • Ink jet Sheets in two sizes and Ink jet rolls in two widths

With over 20 years of experience using materials to make hard covers, Fastbind's cover tacking sheets are second to none! With attention to both printing quality and long durability in mind, Fastbind has engineered the perfect material to make your custom printed hard covers.

Fastbind offers printable tacking sheets for laser and high resolution inkjet printing. You can order them in standard or large format sizes. Fastbind inkjet printable paper is also available in rolls for extra large applications. We highly recommend laminating the prints printed with inkjet or laser tacking sheets to make the cover more durable.

Fastbind LamiFree laser printable tacking sheets do not need laminating.

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